My resume

Back-end/Front end developer, Senior Consultant at Freshinup
Since March 2020
  • Use atomic design in both API & UI package
  • Bring measurable, valuable changes to businesses by composing reusable atoms & molecules
    Frameworks/Programming languages
  • Laravel / PHP
  • VueJS / javascript
Back-end/Mobile developer at Sidekick Interactive Inc.
- March 2020
Since December 2019
  • Design & Build API for android app with ASP.NET, Symphony
  • Mobile integrator (UI/UX)
  • Integrate business logic with android latest design architecture jetpack
    Frameworks/Programming languages
  • Android with kotlin
  • NET with C#
Front-end/back-end developer at CTS (Cosmopolitan Travel Service)
July 2018 - December 2019

Working alongside with backend-developers that are making available API that the front-end team (and I) use to build nice UI/UX interfaces with very dynamic content for CTS stuff

  • Participate on building sustainable application structure with micro service based environment
  • Web integrator (UI/UX)
    Frameworks/Programming languages
  • VueJS -- HTML, CSS, JS
  • Expressjs with Typescript & Nodejs
Student Mentor at UVS Introduction to Web and HTML/CSS/JS
January 2018 - March 2018

Answer to most common questions from fresh men and help them better understand what the context of web development. One of the main goal is also to make them love and be ready for modern development.

Front/Back end Developer at TIGO Data Warehouse
September 2017 - October 2017

Implementing a task runner. The objective was to create a human interface and allow the end user to call stocked procedure and job in SQL SERVER then return the response in a nice and convenient way.

    Frameworks/Programming languages
  • .NET -- C#
  • Entity framework with SQLServer
  • Custom & modular Javascript plugins
Research Assistant at LASPAD
July 2017 - December 2018

Develop tools, website. IT councillor. Mostly making LASPAD employees life easier by not only building tools to automate and digitalize their data but also give a hand whenever they need (conference planning, badge making, flyers, even guest picking at the airport)

    Frameworks/Programming languages
  • Laravel 5 -- PHP
  • Twitter Bootstrap with custom CSS & JS
IT Responsible at Summa Turizm
September 2016
    Handling all that was about technology. I was doing:
  • network wiring from my office (the server room) to end devices (printers, IP cameras, Access points)
  • Development of real time chat application using internal network without any Internet
  • Consulting when needed for business move including technology like subscription to Internet using towers to relay FAI signal
    Frameworks/Programming languages
  • Laravel 5 -- PHP
  • Twitter Bootstrap with custom CSS & JS
Freelance Developer
since 2015

I have been making my knowledge and talents available for all people needing my services as an IT guy or a partner in any of their projects

Master Degree in Data Management and Software Engineering
Gaston Berger University of Senegal
2016 - Present
Bachelors of Computer Science Software systems
Gaston Berger University of Senegal
2012 - 2015

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